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Have You Struggled With...


❌ Knowing how to mix your music to sound professional?


❌ Wondering if you should spend more money on studio monitors or expensive plug-ins?


❌ Being afraid that you can’t get a good mix in your home studio?


Well, you're in the right place! ✅


Because here I help aspiring artists, producers, and engineers achieve studio-quality mixes, without ever leaving their front door!

Hi! I’m Alex. I’ve worked on hundreds of songs with artists from around the world. I’m an award-winning engineer, producer, and mixer. But the truth is, it didn't begin so glamorous.

While I was first attending audio school, I knew almost nothing about how to make a professional music recording. I had no real credits and no commercial success, but I was starting to pick up an understanding of recording and mixing. In my final year of studying, I produced a song out of my college bedroom studio that went on to top radio station download charts and headline national news. In this moment, I realized that I don't need a fancy studio or the best gear to get great results. I realized that all of your of results are a direct result of your skillset.

With this new perspective, I spent a few years gaining experience as an aspiring producer/engineer locally. I worked in almost every genre from rap to country to recording orchestras, and soon after started mixing indie records for artists around town in my home studio.

Fast forward a few years, and I mix music full-time for hundreds of artists around the world.

I’ve worked with The Launch Season 2 winner Saveria, pop star Sarina Haggarty, TikTok folk sensation John Muirhead, X-Factor's Mason Blu, and more! Music I’ve produced and mixed has streamed on mainstream FM & Sirius XM radio across North America, topped radio station download charts in Canada, landed on multiple major Spotify Editorial playlists, and headlined national news. I was recently named Producer/Engineer of the Year at the 2021 London Music Awards!

With hundreds of five-star testimonials from happy artists around the globe, I like to think I've cracked the code on getting pro-sounding mixes from home... and I want to share the secrets with YOU!

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